will probably start up a new blog over term break, as this one has gone on for too long without me writing anything in it! yeah i'm like that.

will post the new link once it's up!

toodles. :-)

things i dislike

  1. that sarcastic tone my mother uses on me
  2. when my sister gets mad at me for downloading stuff which slows down our internet
  3. and then proceeds to do just that with her ten million series episodes after i turn mine off
  4. people using the driver when i make plans
  5. people that can drive using the driver when i make plans
  6. me not being able to drive
/ end of mad post.

i could go on forever. but no. and hate was just too strong a word.

oh look what you've done

a movie i think everyone should watch! 

watched this in the afternoon with the boyfriend while it was raining and we were baking cookies! :-) not like all those sappy love stories. plus i really love the soundtrack!